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About Gifted World

“Genius without education is like silver in the mine.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Around the world, there is little awareness of what giftedness is, and the needs of gifted children. Often it is assumed that they will be happy and do well ‘on their own’, as they have high abilities. Given the lack of awareness about giftedness and the unique challenges gifted students face, they and their families can feel confused, isolated and helpless. Even when there is awareness, parents may not know whom to turn to for support.

The Gifted World Community is here to change this. By combining the knowledge of various organizations specializing in gifted education, we aim to help parents, schools, and educators better understand and meet the needs of gifted children. Our goal is to empower them to reach their full potential and ensure their emotional well-being.


We do this by providing support through the talent development journey- from identifying talents to providing the necessary exposure, education and experience to these talented individuals. Here, you can also find a community of parents and educators who are navigating the same waters. 

Read this post for the story of Saad Nasser, an exceptionally gifted student who became the co-founder and CTO of Ati Motors at the age of 14. Saad’s genius would have been like ‘silver in the mine’ (see the Ben Franklin quote above) if not for his parents, a sensitive teacher, a flexible school and committed mentors.

Many more hidden ‘rough diamonds’ like Saad need to be identified and polished- this is our mission.

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Scaffolding Talent

When recognized and supported, gifted students display greater motivation and aspiration, and develop the confidence to work towards their goals. Gifted World aims to support parents, educators and schools in this journey.

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Founding Members

The Northwestern Center for Talent Development (CTD) was founded in 1982 at Northwestern University. It started as a research and talent assessment program, rapidly expanding to include a wide array of educational programs for gifted students. Today, CTD is a leading institution in gifted education, offering diverse programs ranging from talent identification and development to research and advocacy for students from pre-school to high school

Educational Initiatives (Ei) is a pioneering EdTech company which has been around for more than 2 decades. It is a leader in assessment, e-learning and identification of gifted students. Ei has conducted more than 15 million assessments and more than half a million students use their personalized learning system called Mindspark.

GenWise is the premier organization in SE Asia, working with students, schools, and parents in improving learning outcomes and socio-emotional development, with a special focus on giftedness.




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