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Financial Literacy Basics: Introduction for Young Learners

Sep 14, 2024 - Oct 12, 2024

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Where does money come from? We know it certainly does not grow on trees. Where does it go? Often, it does seem to slip through our fingers too quickly. How can money be enjoyed responsibly? How do we make sure we build savings along the way? How do we avoid the pitfalls of over-spending? Managing money doesn’t have to be a maze that we walk through blindly. We can be equipped with methods that lead to wise financial calls while recognising scams. We should never have to fear a spreadsheet and its dance of numbers. This course hopes to cultivate a positive relationship with money—the key to being financially literate. Attendees meet with the course instructor on Saturdays, 3:30-4:45 PM GST | 5-6:15 PM IST Course Highlights: - Foundations of Financial Understanding: Students will start their journey into financial literacy, learning why managing money is important and how it can impact their future. - Introduction to Budgeting: We introduce the basics of budgeting, showing students how to plan and track expenses in a simple and understandable way. This foundational skill helps them make more informed decisions about money. - Everyday Money Skills: Through relatable activities, students will learn about everyday financial concepts like saving, spending wisely, and the value of money. This includes understanding needs vs. wants and the basics of saving for goals. - Developing Financial Awareness: The course encourages students to think about money in their daily lives, asking questions like "Why is saving important?" and "How can I be a smart spender?" - Practical Financial Activities: Students will participate in interactive exercises, such as creating a basic savings goal and understanding simple financial transactions, to build their confidence and awareness about money. Join us for this essential course, where young learners will take their first steps towards financial literacy, building a foundation for responsible money management in the future.





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