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Junior Explorers: Adventures in Scientific Inquiry

Aug 3, 2024 - Sep 7, 2024

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"Junior Explorers" is an engaging online course for grades 4-5 students, to immerse them in the world of scientific inquiry using simple household materials, animations and caselets. Over five weeks, young minds will discover, explore, and conduct scientific investigations. Scientific inquiry is a tool applicable not just to Science but also in the social sciences. A list of materials required will be shared one week prior to the start of the course. Attendees meet with the course instructor on Saturdays, 5-6:15 PM GST | 6:30 - 7:45 PM IST Course Highlights: 1. Asking Questions and Proposing Hypotheses: Students will be encouraged to observe their surroundings and ask intriguing questions. For example, they might wonder why food rots or why some liquids are ‘stickier’ than others. They will come up with hypotheses and ways of investigating them. 2. Conducting Simple Investigations: The course includes activities like studying the mixing and separation of liquids, the floating of ice and the number of drops of water the top of a coin can hold before the water spills over the coin. Students may also set up simple experiments to investigate the hypotheses they have come up with. 3. Using Basic Tools for Data Collection: Students will use items like measuring tapes, kitchen scales, droppers and thermometers for measurement. 4. Data Analysis and Explanation: After conducting experiments, students will learn to analyze their findings,reach conclusions and present them. They will also look at data provided in caselets to analyze the same critically. 5. Understanding the Nature of Scientific Inquiry: Through engaging with caselets from the history of science, students will explore the entirety of the scientific process. "Junior Explorers" is designed to make science accessible and fun, turning everyday materials into tools of discovery and learning. It will provide students a springboard towards their journey as scientific investigators in any field.





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