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Pre Algebra Pioneers: A Journey into Algebraic Thinking

Aug 3, 2024 - Sep 7, 2024

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Algebra at school does not begin when one encounters the ever elusive xs and ys in chapters with headings like “Solution of equations” or “Factorisation”. Algebra begins much earlier, even when a child notices and repeats a pattern of claps, say. The key concern of algebra is structure – be it the structure of a set of claps or in an arrangement of matchsticks or the structure of numbers, and ways of harnessing this in calculations. For example, rather than setting up a two-column addition problem to find 48 + 52, being able to “see” the numbers with some regrouping, as two lots of 50 is attention to structure. Other key themes that pervade algebra are moving from the particular to the general and the use of symbols to express this generality. While the literal symbols x and y may be off-putting to many learners, a broader interpretation of symbols to include other representations makes it accessible to many more. In this course, we will focus on the themes of algebra like patterns, structure and generality. If your child enjoys numbers, patterns and puzzles, sign them up! Attendees meet with the course instructor on Saturdays, 3:30-4:45 PM GST | 5-6:15 PM IST





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