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A peek into the Genwise Gifted Summer Program 2024 held at Manipal in May

Gifted World partner Genwise just completed an incredible summer program in May 2024. Watch the video and read the report below to learn more!

Imagine spending three incredible weeks surrounded by some of the brightest students and mentors from across India. That’s exactly what happened in the May 2024 edition of the GenWise Gifted Summer Program, which was our biggest and best one yet!

This year, we welcomed 130 students from 78 top schools who aced the ASSET Talent Search exams. With over 40 passionate staff members guiding them, these young minds embarked on an unforgettable journey of learning and growth.

Believe it or not, 40 out of these 130 students were just finishing Grades 5 and 6! And here’s something truly heartwarming—nearly 30 students from schools like Navodaya Vidayalaya Samiti, Hippocampus Learning Centre, and Vidyagyan Schools received full scholarships, thanks to our generous sponsors, including The Godrej Foundation.

A Program Like No Other

Right from the start, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. Many kids were a bit nervous at first, but within just a couple of days, they were raving about:

Friendly and Welcoming Staff: Our team, including senior students, made everyone feel right at home.

Amazing Food: Delicious, home-style meals that kept everyone energized.

Cool Accommodations: Air-conditioned twin-sharing rooms and campus buses for easy travel.

World-Class Facilities: Thanks to the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, students enjoyed top-notch classrooms and spacious sports grounds.

Diverse Courses and Top Mentors: Engaging subjects taught by some of the best minds and teachers in the country.

Students felt a level of respect and acceptance that was truly special, making their time at the program even more meaningful.

Digital Detox and Genuine Connections

One of the unique aspects of our program is that it’s completely device-free. At first, some students were a bit uneasy about giving up their gadgets, but soon they discovered the joy of real, face-to-face interactions. With no time wasted on screens, they were fully immersed in activities and new friendships. Even the calls home became quick check-ins, with kids eager to get back to their adventures.

Capturing the Magic

Words can’t fully capture the incredible energy and excitement of the GenWise Gifted Summer Program. But we hope this video gives you a glimpse into the amazing experiences and the vibrant community that came together this summer.

Join Us Next Time!

We believe every child should have the chance to experience the GenWise Gifted Summer Program at least once. If you’ve been part of this journey, spread the word and help others discover this incredible opportunity.

Parents and students, get ready for a life-changing adventure that blends learning, fun, and friendships in the most memorable way. The next program is scheduled for July 10, 2024 in MAHE, Manipal.

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