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Gifted World Challenge #2 - Feb 17- Mar 1, 2024

Updated: Jun 19

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second of our Fortnightly Challenge blog series. Every alternate Saturday, we will post a question for you to ponder on and solve. You can submit your answers in the google form linked at the end of the blog.

The 3 best answers (as judged by the Gifted World team) will be featured on our blog.

The Question

2 astronauts are in outer space. They are in their spacesuits (of course!) and close to each other. Their radio communication stops working. Can you think of a way they can still speak to each other?

You can submit your answer here -

The last day to submit your answer is Friday, 1 March 2024.

(Note that commenting is disabled on this post so that nobody gives away the answer to someone who hasn't solved it yet)

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