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Gifted World Challenge #3 - Mar 2-15, 2024

Updated: Jun 19

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third of our Fortnightly Challenge blog series. Every alternate Saturday, we will post a question for you to ponder on and solve. You can submit your answers in the google form linked at the end of the blog.

The 3 best answers (as judged by the Gifted World team) will be featured on our blog. GenWise mentor, Navin Kabra is back again with a puzzle this time...we will also share a hint from cybersecurity expert, Rohit Srivastwa, next week.

The Puzzle

I am in Pune, and I need to send an expensive Gifted World gold medal to Vishnu in Bangalore. The only method of sending things from Pune to Bangalore (or back) is a dishonest courier. The courier company steals anything that is not sent in a locked box. If I try to send the gold medal in an unlocked box, it will get stolen. Both Vishnu and I can get boxes with chain locks (see photo). We can get boxes of various sizes, and we can put boxes inside boxes if necessary. But if I send Vishnu a locked box, there is no way for me to send him they key to the lock, except by using the same dishonest courier (who will steal the key if it is in an unlocked box). How can I get the gold medal to Vishnu?

You can submit your answer here.

The last day to submit your answer is Friday, March 15, 2024.

(Note that commenting is disabled on this post so that nobody gives away the answer to someone who hasn't solved it yet)

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