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Gifted World Challenge #6 - May 11 - 25, 2024

Updated: Jun 19

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 6th of our Challenge blog series. Every alternate Saturday, we will post a question for you to ponder on and solve. You can submit your answers in the google form linked at the start and end of the blog.

The 3 best answers (as judged by the Gifted World team) will be featured on our blog. This week's question has been given by Gifted World Mentor Navin Kabra

The problem -

My house number has two digits, and exactly three of the following four statements about it are true -

  1. It is Prime

  2. It is even

  3. It is divisible by 7.

  4. One of it's digits is 9.

What is my house number?

Part 1 -

Solve it by yourself.

Part 2-

Try to make a generative AI (chatGPT, Gemini, Claude etc.) solve the problem correctly.

Some Hints

If you have never used gen AI tools before, here's a quick introduction -

You can use any one of these AI tools -

You may have to sign up to get access to a free account.

You can copy and paste the question above and ask the AI to solve it.

When we have tried that, the AI has gotten it wrong.

So you have to give the AI additional instructions for it to solve the problem. See where it is going wrong and try to ask the question again, in a way that will cause it to avoid that mistake.

Once you are able to succeed, submit the final successful prompt on the google form linked below.

You can also submit a link of your conversation as a solution to the challenge. See the guides linked below to learn how to share a conversation -

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