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Gifted World Challenge #1

Updated: Jun 19

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first of our Gifted World Challenge blog series. Every alternate Saturday, we will post a question for you to ponder on and solve. You can submit your answers in the google form linked at the end of the blog.

The 3 best answers (as judged by the Gifted World team) will be featured on our blog.

This week’s challenge is from GenWise mentor, Navin Kabra.

The Question

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a lady used to go to work by train every day. Unfortunately, the train station was a little far from her house and her husband would drop and pick her up by car.

Every evening, she would reach the train station at the same fixed time. The husband also would reach the train station with the car at exactly that same time. And then they would drive back home immediately.

One day, the lady got done at work early, took an earlier train back and reached the station 1 hour before her normal time. Instead of waiting at the train station, she started walking towards home.

After some time of walking, she saw her husband coming towards her in the car. (He did not know she had come early; there had been no communication between them because they both had Vodafone.) Her husband saw her, stopped, picked her up, took a U-turn, and they drove back.

This day, the lady reached home 20 minutes earlier than her normal time.

What is the ratio of the speed of the car to the lady's walking speed?

Assume that she and the car both move at uniform/constant speeds.

It seems like there is not enough information given to solve this problem, but trust me, there is. You get extra points if you are able to answer this question without using algebra!

You can submit your answer here -

The last day to submit your answer is Friday, 16 February 2024.

(Note that commenting is disabled on this post so that nobody gives away the answer to someone who hasn't solved it yet)

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