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Gifted World Challenge #7 (and solution to #6)

Updated: Jul 2

Hello all. Welcome to the 7th of our Gifted World challenge series. Below the question, you will also find the solution and featured responses we received for Challenge number 6.

Challenge #7

Post your answer here -

You have the materials shown in the picture above -

  • A roughly cut piece of paper,

  • A pen / pencil

  • A mug

  • A circle drawn on a piece of cardboard, using the mug and the pen

With only these materials, how can you mark the centre of the circle?

Bonus: Can you do it by drawing the fewest number of straight lines.

Note: you do not have a ruler, compass or any other equipment available. Only what you can see in the picture.

Post your answer here -

Last day to submit answers is Saturday, June 29. The 3 best answers (as judged by the Gifted World team) will be featured on our blog.

This challenge has been given by Gifted World Mentor Muralidhar K. If you enjoyed it, check out his upcoming free masterclass on July 6

Solution to Challenge #6

Challenge number 6 involved solving a question involving logic and math, and then trying to get generative AI to do the same.

We got 75 responses to the challenge, of which 60 respondents got the first answer correct. Your house number is 98.

When asking AI to solve it, only 3 respondents found that the AI solved the question on the first try itself!

Rishan Anoop Rao, Grade 8, The Future Kids School, Hyderabad.

Spandan Mondal, Class 8, The Newtown School, Kolkata

Aahana Das, Class 7, Greenwood High

You got lucky, because everyone else had to try to varying degrees to get the AI to give the right answer.

Many students got frustrated by the AI and directly told it which statement is untrue, or told it to check the number 98 and then it confirmed that 98 is the right answer. We are not counting these as solving the problem, as you did not engineer the prompt in a way that the AI solved it by itself.

Some of you repeatedly kept telling the AI it was wrong, and were frustrated that it didn't reach the right answer that way. Sadly this is how generative AI is, the capabilities of models to accurately reason is something that is growing, but is not fully there.

Strategies that worked -

  • "I just asked GPT4 the question verbatim. It missed one point and gave an incorrect answer (70). I simply then asked it to try again and it gave the correct answer. " - Soham, Kindergarten, School of Hard Knocks

  • "I copy pasted the question to ChatGPT and told it to make the answer long." - Nabhan Fahad, Delhi Private School Sharjah

  • "I noticed that GPT wasn't considering 9 in the tens place. So I mentioned that 9 can also be in the ten's place." - Sathvik, Grade 9, Manthan International School, Hyderabad

  • Just ask the model to take a deep breath before answering, or to reason it out step by step - Navin Kabra, Gifted World Mentor.

There were many more correct and interesting responses. These are just a few featured ones.

If you would like to know more about making AI work for you, and you are a student in Grades 7-10, do consider signing up for our upcoming course in August that teaches you how to make Generative AI work for you!

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When will the result to #7 come out


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Kaveri Bhatt
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Kaveri Bhatt
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